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03-30-2014, 06:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Pete Mitchell View Post
Check out this horrible reffing display from my playoff game last night.
Stole the puck from the d-man at the left point of my d zone, the other d-man comes accross the ice, I lower my sholder and he hits me and bounces off and falls. I then have a clean break from center ice go in and score. This puts us in the lead 3-2. Oh but wait as we're celebrating the ref waves off the goal and calls me for interference! I've never seen an interference call on the man with control of the puck let alone allowing the penalized player skate half the ice with the puck in possesion. They score on the ensuing PP taking a 3-2 lead. We came back to win 5-3 in the end anyways (had the 3rd and 4th goals). But that was by far the worst penelty that has ever been called on me (and there has been plenty).
The fact that he let you skate down the ice and score before calling anything clearly tells us that he's a terrible ref and should resign effective immediately.

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