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03-30-2014, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Nedved View Post
i'm not sure. that's the gm's job. You would think they could trade for a young dman, prospect, and maybe 1 or 2 1st rounders.

let's say Phoenix:

Yandle, (d prospect) and a 1st.

I think it makes us better, and I think it puts the coyotes into a better spot to win a cup.
No, its the GMs job to keep the best blueliner we've had since Chelios. He is the backbone of this blueline and is irreplaceable. He's also 24 years old and coming into his prime now.

MB had the chance to do things right the first time and ****ed it up. He gets a mulligan for it but now its time to pay up. No excuse for him if he ****s it up again.
Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Do you want Vanek or another elite Winger on this team?

Blow the bank on Subban and we are back to the team we have been for the last several years. A team without an elite goal scorer.
Lose Subban and this team has zero shot at a cup. We have Max and can afford to lose Vanek. We can't lose Subban.

If its an either/or scenario (which it shouldn't be) then Subban is the right choice its a no brainer.

Vanek is 30 and while he'll be productive into his 30s he's actually past his prime. Subban is already arguably the best blueliner in the league and is just coming into his prime. We have nobody who comes close to being capable of being a number one blueliner and finding one would be next to impossible.

Want to make space? Get rid of Briere. Never should've signed him to begin with.
Originally Posted by 24get View Post
Explain to me how PK is better than Doughty, Weber, Chara.
Its been explained many times here and he's got the Norris to prove it.

He's every bit as good as any of them and is significantly younger than Weber or Chara. He's going to be getting better. In 8 years he'll still be in his prime and those two will be out of the league.
Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Then we can talk about 8 years at 8-10M.
We'll have to talk about it now.

Not only because he's worth it but because we were stupid enough to lowball him last time around. He's well worth that cash regardless but now we'll probably have to pay it because we played hardball with him.

And what kind of a message does it send when we force a player to take way less than he's worth, say go prove it, have him win a Norris and then not back up what we said... Pay him! He's earned it.
Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Anyway, every month there is a thread about PK's contract and his salary increases by 500K every time.

So let's keep this up and we will be paying him 12M.
Who needs Vanek and Markov when you have PK?
Not sure how offering 8 x 8 makes more sense to you for a 30 year old forward instead of a 24 year old blueliner. Esp when that blueliner is infinitely better.

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