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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
for some odd reason, Plek and Gionta on the same line is not needed anymore
Not really that odd. Though it should have taken place earlier, the reason is that for Therrien, he had to go back to the EGG line once more to see if that could be the offensive other line that could be working. 'Cause that's actually what he did before giving the kids to Pleks. He really had no intention of separating Gionta and Pleks. Then, saw that Eller was going nowhere, he had NO choice but to remove Gionta. It's not that it's not needed. It's that he doesn't have a choice. And the problem is that we won 5 in a row. And that everybody sees the chemistry that the DD line is having. I'd have no problem bringing Gallagher back on that line and have Vanek with Pleks and Galchy. No problem whatsoever. But for that to happen, Therrien needs to renew his confidence in Eller in a defensive role AND the chemistry and/or the lack of offense on Pleks line stops.

Strange things happening though. Idea is to have a team that wins. People keep saying that you need to take the full year into account when it's time to assess Desharnais play. True. Point though was never to dismiss the first 20 games to say that he had a fantastic season, even DD himself wishes he has a better season next year. But it was mostly to say that he was hot since that time until now. But then, the same people who wants to take the full DD season to show how average he is, are the ones who keeps saying that LATELY, our record isn't too great and that chances needs to be made. Well if you have to take DD full season into have to take the team's full season into account as well. And it's 93 points with a possibility of reaching 100 points. As a regular season, as much as we like it to be, we can't call it a failure. Then, the playoffs, this whole other season starts, and THEN we will be able to re-assess this 1st line and the entire team. An exit in 5 and then, away. I will too. I know we don't have a team to do great against top teams. What saving us right now is the bad conference.

Hated the Therrien hiring from the get go. Wanted Roy and it wasn't even close. I still don't like TONS of things he's doing. But I need to be consequent and while without Vanek it was even more clear, I still believed that, this year, we didn't have a whole lot of pure talent on this team and he was also able to bring that sentiment that this team will fight till the end. Fortunately for me who doesn't like him very much, that type of "coaching" will not last long. And he will be gone in 1 or 2 years max. But this year.....he's doing a okay job despite the fact that he could have done an even better job if he would have had the talent to do it.

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