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03-30-2014, 10:24 AM
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No Habs fan should be questioning or hating DD and his current play.
Most people were quite pleased with him when he centered MP and EC.
He went through a mental thing when his contract got done.
"finally made it" given his stature and history fairly understandable.
He is certainly back to doing the things that got him here in the first place.

The problem is simple we are all idealists to some extent.
What level of play does DD have to provide given his size?
Denis Savard like numbers?
Give this some thought.
If we are fortunate enough to re-sign TV,
we could possibly be looking at our first point per game player since forever.
The good news is we now have a great idea of what kind of player is required to make that line great.
The bad news is there just aren't that many available. I haven't seen that we are growing any either.

This discussion will not go away any time soon.
Both sides will have fodder after this years PO run.
For my part i think DD will do just fine this time around.

i won't even bother touching on anything else.
My Habs are all brothers stemming from the same maker.
i may become and have been critical of play but that is usually in the same vein as our intelligent posters

Good Luck DD and Go Habs Go

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