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Originally Posted by nomorekids View Post
I didn't think so, until I heard a thing or two last night from my own "inside sources."

Rumor has it that we'd still like to add a defenseman, but I guess it depends on the price. That goes up if Vishnevski is hurt.
Leipold told 303 last night that they were gonna stand pat.
Now, I know that is not Poile, but.....

I think everything truly hinges on Sully, Hartnell, and Timonen's TRUE injury status.

If we add, I would suspect that one or more is more potentially serious than advertised......

If I had to guess which one would be the most likely to be more serious than advertised, I would say it would be Timonen


Here is a combination of a couple posts I did earlier on

Originally Posted by predperson at NP.cpm
question for Handtrick:
I know you probably don't know all the details as to what type of fracture Hartnell has in his foot but we are hearing he will be out 2-4 weeks and other sources say out 4-6 weeks. What's your best guess?
2-6 weeks, lol.

Seriously, I think it will be more like 3-4 weeks.
The main thing that tells me that is that he skated on it for 3 days before it was found.....tells me it was a subtle, nondisplaced fracture which is the quickest to heal.

Speaking of other injuries:

I heard Sully interview with Eli Gold while I was in the concourse between the 1st and 2nd periods. He confirmed it was his back, and that it actually went out as he was headed up the ice on that shorthanded breakout with Legwand, that is why he gave such a poor effort on the scoring chance is that he couldn't even turn to pass it to Legwand. He says that he has had to battle it thoughout his career and it usually lasts 3-10 days. It sounded pretty believable to me.

The paper today said that it was his "wrist" [not his hand, as had been previously reported], he has been icing it and taping it. I saw him talking to a ref with his glove off, and indeed it was his wrist that was taped. In an earlier report they said that it was a "bone bruise."......
If you put it all could be something minor.....or it could be something more ominous for the long term. If it is one of two certain bones in the wrist, [the lunate or scaphoid bones that have the "bone bruise"] this could mean that there is a subtle fracture present that may be very difficult to get to heal, with potentially long-term problems with it, especially if it is the "lunate bone".....and lead to progressive collapse of the bone over time.
Now, I am not trying to be an alarmist here, but this is the injury that has me the most concerned, mainly because of the lack of definitive info surrounding it.


Originally Posted by voldemort82 at
I saw what you wrote about kimmo.. if its a lunate fx will he probably just be able to play through it or eventually have to stop and get it worked on? can you even do much for those? from the little ortho I remember arent the hamate and lunate particularly subject to avascular necrosis or somesuch?
the lunate is the one particularly suseptible to avascular necrosis, otherwise known as "Kienbock's Disease."
That, is in fact, what concerns me.
Unfortunately it is a very slow collapse of the bone that occurs over many months, if the bone loses its blood supply, and is quite painful during that time with limited range of motion.
There are many surgical treatment options, if it [avascular necrosis] develops in full force. And the fact that there ARE so many surgical options, in essence, means the outcomes aren't particularly great.
There are some "cutting edge" procedures, such as vascularized bone grafts to the lunate, that were in fact, developed while I was up at the Mayo, that could be utilized if the collapse of the bone occurs over time, but long-term prognosis would be guarded and would require 4-6 months off. definitive evidence that this is what is wrong, and in fact, I would be surprised if does, in fact, develop into this.....but as a hand surgeon, that is what I worry about when I hear the info trickling in.

In reality, "bone bruises" occur much more than we ever knew because we had no way to diagnose them before the development of sophisticated MRI coils for the wrist.....and if the "bone bruise" is not in the vascularly vulnerable bones of the lunate, scaphoid, and to some degree, the capitate in the wrist......then he can just play with and through the pain without much chance of long-term damage.

Sorry, if I explained it in too complicated of terms for some to follow, but this is one of those injuries that is hard to explain accurately in real simple terms.

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