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02-25-2007, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by free0717 View Post
The next time the Rodent picks up a hockey stick, it will be his first. I doubt the Rodent has ever watched Hugh Jessiman play. For that matter the rodent lives out of town and is too cheap to buy the Center Ice Package. He only watches the Rangers in 60 on MSG. I had a feeling about this guy. Big, Strong, can skate and has soft hands. I really think he will take his game to the next level. Has a possibilty of being the next Adam Graves. In this Division, especially playing against the Devils, we need big time Power Forwards. Creative players have a hard time against Trapping type teams unless there name is Sidney Crosby. We need some big bodies with soft hands to pick up the rebound and deflection Goals.

I dont know if the Rodent understands this concept. The Rodent is talented Mathematician, I bet his real job is in the Actuarial Sciences. So the Rodent just looks at numbers and really doesnt understand What it takes to Stand in the Slot and take real punisment. He is kind of like those new wave GMs in Baseball who make decisions by looking at a computer printout.

The NHL is more than just numbers. Its about Matchups and why some teams match better than others against other teams. If we are ever going to get over the hump and be better than the Devils, we have to develop Power Forwards. Again, I just had a feeling that this kid was ready to turn on the light switch. Something Computer printouts dont show.
I think we should wait a little longer than 2 games before declaring Hugh Jessiman a great pick. But I really hope you're right about's just too painful watching the likes of parise scoring on us every night.

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