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03-30-2014, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
Union isn't major D1 though. They are a small school in a small conference. Good team, but small. I played D1 at a small college too and I can guarantee you we weren't getting the same treatment as the big schools. We didn't have the same equipment and we had 1 trainer that oversaw every sport on campus!!!

And they aren't doing much S&C I can tell you that. Their season starts in October and runs through April. So they have a month before the season starts to really get after it and then you have the month after the season ends which they probably use to recover. Most of the gains are going to come in the offseason when they aren't even on campus. That's where the professional S&C comes into play. Also the Flyers will be able to monitor his diet and get him on a proper one if he needs to.

Look at a guy like Matt Bodie on Union. Senior, 24 years old. Four years at Union and he's still a buck 65. Gostisbehere needs to challenge himself and he won't be doing that playing another year in college. He's a good enough skater to protect himself out there and he's not exactly a pushover. He's got some wiry strength.

I can't speak for your school but At schools I have seen there are no special machines. At most you have a Keiser or a Versaclimber machine but what those do can be duplicated in other ways. Ghost will probably not be able to pack on much more weight, and if he did it would be at the expense of his speed. Another year at union gives him much more physical maturation as well as a year of builidng up strength. I do agree he can skate himself out of dangerous hits but He isn't playing in the nhl next year and he already has a level of comfort at union.

Also all athletes in sports are getting trained the same. Volleyball players and baseball players basically do the same exercises but use different energy systems. So one strength and conditioning coach could design programs for all sports , taht is how it is done at most universities.

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