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03-30-2014, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by KelownaRocketsFan View Post
I watched a couple YouTube videos before I started playing and some of the guys there said they used it "so they know where the end of the stick is" as in holding it like a bat. However, other guys said you're supposed to hold the end of the stick in your palm, no matter if there's a knob or not. So I tried to do that and it felt super awkward off ice so I'd hold the stick below the knob. However, on ice I naturally put the knob in my palm and my pinky on top. All personal preference I guess.
You need to use the v-grip. The end of the shaft has to come into your palm or the heel of your hand, e.g. between thumb and index. If you hold a hockey stick like a baseball bat, I guarantee, I can steal the puck from you every time.

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