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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
I can't speak for your school but At schools I have seen there are no special machines. At most you have a Keiser or a Versaclimber machine but what those do can be duplicated in other ways. Ghost will probably not be able to pack on much more weight, and if he did it would be at the expense of his speed. Another year at union gives him much more physical maturation as well as a year of builidng up strength. I do agree he can skate himself out of dangerous hits but He isn't playing in the nhl next year and he already has a level of comfort at union.

Also all athletes in sports are getting trained the same. Volleyball players and baseball players basically do the same exercises but use different energy systems. So one strength and conditioning coach could design programs for all sports , taht is how it is done at most universities.
I think if you focus on bulking him up, you'd be taking away from his game. I think he's the type of player like Eric Karlson and Carl Hagelin that have a lanky build and it helps them with speed and agility in their game. They are able to outmanuever the bigger guys. Ghost faced this challenge in his first year at Union, and it's something that he'll always have to contend with as he takes steps to the AHL or NHL. If your smaller, you just have to be quicker.
The most important aspect to consider is how is his on ice performance going to evolve??
I don't think there is any role he can take on that would warrant staying at Union another year, hockey wise.
Any changes that need to be made at this point, whether its nutrition or strength and conditioning, it can be done best by the Flyers organization. I think its pretty fair to assume based on the size of the University or the fact that other schools play D1 in all of their athletics, they are going to have a substantially better athletic facility and possibly team appointed S&C coaches to coordinate their development, it's a matter of school size and money to spend on a sports team.

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