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02-26-2007, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyrrus147 View Post
No offense to Montoya but Carey Price is by far the best young goaltender I ever saw, and I am not only saying that because the Habs draft him.

This guy is 6' 4'' 216 lbs, he is extremely quick and agile, always in the right position and he is performing extremely well under pressure. In his last 2 training camp, he outplayed our two goaltenders in Montreal, Huet and Aebischer. The Habs refuse to make him play with the big club because they wanted him to play his full junior.

I watch every Canada WCJ game this year and he was simply outstanding (he won the best player award for the WCJ tournement). Everyone in Montreal is very excited by this prospect and I don't think the Habs will trade him.

No doubt that Montoya is a great young promising goaltender too, but I don't think that you can compare him to Price. But saying that Montoya is not the half of Price is unfair for Montoya.
and when he was 18 years old Al Montoya carried the US to a WJC championship, so I still don't see how price's play in this year's WJC is somthing that montoya hasn't done.

Right now Al has taken the next step and Price hasn't (not his own fault, he hasn't been given the chance yet.) When Price does what Montoya does at the AHL level then I'll consider them comparable, but right now we don't know with price and we do with montoya, and it's not as if there's much in there junior records that differentiates them.

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