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03-31-2014, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
To a certain extent, yes. They are different types of players. If the Flyers were in need of a shut down centerman on the fourth line and they had another Rinaldo-esque player, I'd take Betts. But with the team they way they have it, there is a spot for Rinaldo and a sport for a Betts kind of player. I wouldn't take three Rinaldos on the 4th line, but on this team, I'd take Rinaldo over Betts.

Rinaldo serves a purpose. The topic du jour is that fighting/agitating/sandpaper players or whatever you want to call them are detrimental to the team because they can't score or play defense. And to a certain degree there is merit to that argument. But there is also merit to the opposing argument, that having these types of players makes it difficult to play against your team. Zac Rinaldo is not going to score a million points or prevent a ton of goals from getting scored. But you're going to have guys looking over their shoulder whenever he is out on the ice and losing their cool when he pulls his bull ****. If you have a defensive presence on that fourth line already, I'd take Rinaldo over Blair Betts every day of the week. If we are talking about this in a vacuum, I'd take Betts over Rinaldo, but that's not the case.
Betts could play wing, too. I still take Betts because he was flat out far superior to Rinaldo.

It's cool that Rinaldo does the hitting thing and all, but when was the last time it won the team the game or did anything but wow the crowd? His hit on Iginla didn't make the outcome better.

Zac has one dimension, and it's not exactly a useful dimension in the big picture. With his shortcomings he's far more likely to be a detriment in the playoffs than an asset, especially against the tougher teams.

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