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03-31-2014, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
I'm with you (the importance of warriors like Prust, Moen, Weise during playoffs).

And, don't worry...there's only positive here since the reports on them didn't say they'd be out for a month or two months...instead it's approx one week (Moen), two weeks (Weise),etc.... that's not bad at all (way way better than one month or two months). I was afraid it would be longer at first, so I was relieved to hear about one week or two weeks in regard to Moen and Weise (it's also good...our warriors are resting/healing/getting healthier)....if I'm Moen...I'd rest till playoffs or get in one game before playoffs...don't rush a concussion even if it's a minor one...not sure it is though?). Prust...we still have to hope he's resting, getting better to be close to a 100% for playoffs.

INJURY UPDATE for everyone...

MOEN: approx. one more week or less to rest a concussion (minor one? not sure?).

WEISE: approx. 10-14 days before he plays...he has time to heal properly, so he should.

GORGES: he said he might play vs Chicago on April 9th

PRUST: no recent news...hoping he can play for 1st Rnd (resting is very wise for point in coming back early just to re-aggravate the injury). Can't wait to get some news about Prust.
Tough ****** should not play in the last 10-20 games of the season just to be ready for playoffs!!! (we really need him for playoffs, but I'm still happy with Moen, Weise, and White for our 4th line). But...Prust (or Moen) can replace Bourque on the 3rd with Briere and Gionta IF Bourque doesn't play like he can during playoffs (he was a true warrior vs Ottawa in last season's playoffs, so I trust him but he has got to deliver so we can forget about his regular season performance or lack of it).

Our 3rd and 4th lines can be huge for us in playoffs...huge.
(really want to see Briere stay on the 3rd with Gionta...add Bourque or Moen or Prust to that line, and... BINGO!! magic!!).

First playoff game is around mid-April, so...still time for everyone to rest/heal properly (shouldn't rush... *looking at Gorges and Prust*).
Happily surprised to hear Moen is on track for a fast return, considering his concussion history. Is this confirmed? I was steeling myself for bad news.

I'm less worried about Weise and Gorges -- both involve bones/tendons that should be healed and 100% in time.

Prust... I'm less optimistic. Don't know, but it sounds like cracked ribs or something like that.

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