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03-31-2014, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Pacifist Goon View Post
Depends how seriously you take yourself too. I like to play as hard and competitively as I can and am happy to match up with anyone that wants to play hard out or get up to any monkey business, but it doesn't mean you play that way against someone else that isn't.

You don't run them over to find out either.

I know it's for fun and for exercise and keeping fit, so I don't lose too much sleep over any tossers looking to put any cheap shots on. Shame to let others get the better of you in terms of giving up the game.

Live and let live, unless by mutual agreement.

Same with guys that aren't that good or struggling a bit. If you 're not going to try and help your team mates to improve and get better and just want to rag on them, you should just leave(mod edit). No one wants to play with a tool.

I am a very competitive by nature guy. However, I am usually the first one to try to help out the new folks because they are the future of our sport, adult, kids...doesn't matter.

However, I love when the intensity of the game is high, even at pickup. I am not into anyone getting hurt or being stupid, but I like to skate hard if I am going to be out there. I appreciate it when others do the same, no matter what their skill level. I feel like as long as folks are getting out there and putting out that's straight up good for me. Good on em.

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