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02-07-2004, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan
Looks like the trash has been taken out.

What will be his next avril related name? Complicated? Losing Grip? I'm with you?
Haha....Im in the minority but I like Avril....she's hot

Anyways seems like I was wrong about you guys being number one. Congrats to your scouting staff. I didn't know the criteria they were using to judge a prospect. I think it's VERY weak criteria BTW. I mean look at Fluery, who is now in juniors (anyone know how he is doing there BTW?) played 22 odd games and he is graduated? Kinda silly if ya ask me, but noone did so I'll shut up.

I really find it enteresting how completely split the prospect community is on Kastsitsyn. Everyone says he is going to be a star or a huge bust. I have no opinion either way as I haven't seen him play enough. And even if I did it is so hard to judge where an 18 year old will end up.
I just think it's odd that noone leaves any room for any middle ground with the kid. I mean who's to say he doesn't turn out to be like a Satan or a Prospal (not in style but in status)? That would be a solid player, no perinial all star, but no bust either.
And once again, I am not saying that is what will happen, but to leave very little room for that in discussions on the prospect board by others is just a bit odd to me.

Here is hoping for you guys that he turns out to be the great player alot of you think he will (except of COURSE, when he plays my Pens).

Later y'all

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