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02-26-2007, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by bathgate View Post
Big E: Don't you think that Sather and Maloney should do due diligence to see if there is a market. Clearly, if I'm in their shoes, I'd see if there are any takers for all players over the age of 30. My thoughts on this team are known and this team clearly needs a new direction
Believe me when I say that every GM knows the market for the players on his team. Don't fool yourself into thinking the Rangers aren't approached, or aren't approaching teams to see what the market is.

Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
The abysmal Philly game was 9 days ago. Then the Chicago game followed a day later and that wasn't so great either, despite the win. Then we lose 2 to the Devils, one of which was a disaster in that we once again blew a multiple goal lead, and a lead in the third. Are you really saying that things were looking good before the Columbus game?

I just don't buy the fact that young players have to win to be successful. If they are coached right they can be talked to when they make mistakes and reassured that despite any short term frustrations and disappointments, the team's goal is on the future. As long as they aren't pressured into thinking they must win now, I see no reason why they can't be brought along successfully.
Am I really saying things looked good before the Columbus game? No. I've never made that assertion.

You're inability to comprehend many of the posts in this thread has led to shadow boxing. That, I have little respect for.

Here's an A to B argument that hopefully you can grasp:

Every successful organization has a winning attitude; a culture within the clubhouse that winning is not only possible, but winning is what's going to happen.

In order to create a winning attitude, in any organization, the mantra has to come from management. Everything in business, or in sports, is top down - nothing ever starts with the players.

Hence in order for management to create a winning attitude and culture within this organization they need to send the right messages to their players below.

Selling off all of our players in the middle of a previously tight playoff race is not a sign you send to a group of young players looking for direction. Say what you want about the Philadelphia game but we took two points from Chicago (whatever way you slice it) and competed at a playoff-like level against New Jersey.

The team has the tools to be a playoff team as is. No additions need to be made. It's the attitude - the culture - that is missing. That's why we're giving up 2 goal leads and that's why we find ourselves 6 points out of a playoff spot.

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