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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Depends. Does he have the same training he does now, same nutrition and equipment, etc?

Today's players are definitely leaps and bounds above what we had in the 50's, but they also have a plethora of advantages that weren't common back then.

However if you took present day Subban with his composite stick and his intense training schedule, transplant him directly into the 40's-60's, yeah, he'd score a ton, probably at will.

Akin to giving a WW1 soldier a present day automatic rifle. It would be devastating.

Here's an interesting GIF I saw today. Dryden getting a little help from his friends:
Espo didn't miss many from that spot. He was devastating. I never liked the Bruins, but always admired Esposito after the '72 Russia-Canada series. He pulled the Canadians' jockstraps right back into that series when it look liked the Soviets were going to roll. Great hockey.

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