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02-26-2007, 12:15 PM
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To me the reason for getting rid of Nylander is not because he's not a good player because he is but because of his age and because of his very reasonable contract I see him bringing back a top notch prospect or two--beyond that he falls somewhere in between a 1st and a 2nd line player and the money we'd save on hisvery reasonably priced contract could be used to entice another center who might be of more use to us next year--for instance a Briere--who is also to me somewhere between a 1st and 2nd line player but younger--or for another instance Jokinen who just by the criteria of being from Finland--even though he has a very good North-South game--would make him persona non grata--again though a younger player. Personally I don't give a damn where a player is from just so long as he earns his keep. Maybe the worst player we had this year other than Orr (a North American) was Hall (another North American) though there was Ozo and good riddance to him too. In any case no way in the world would I be looking to get rid of Prucha, Tyutin or Lundqvist all Europeans and all part of the solution. As for Ortmeyer not scoring enough. He's still a player I can live with. Goals aren't everything and to judge everyone by the standard of how many goals they score is ridiculous. We don't need him to score too many goals as long as the rest of the team is working the way it should. If he gets beat out fair and square in training camp by say a Byers or a Moore--then we'll get rid of him. Each player should be judged individually on what they bring or brought to the team--not on where they're from.

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