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04-01-2014, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by smokersarejokers View Post
Victoria is no push over. They could give Portland a good run.
Although they downed them in 4 games, if Portland played the way they did against the Giants, they won't beat Victoria.

The way Kelowna played against Tri-City, they wouldn't beat Victoria either. That said, I think Portland and Victoria will beat up on each other a lot and Kelowna should probably win against the winner of that series. That said, whomever comes out fo the west will be in rough shape.

Similarly, last year, the Oil Kings had a few tough series, and especially against Calgary. They were so beat up by the time they played Portland that it was impossible to win.

The Hitmen, if you're a fan, play a feisty, in your face brand of hockey. If you're not a fan, they are the cheapest team in the league, taking shots after the whistles, high hits etc.

Since the Oil Kings don't have a power play this year, the Hitmen losing out makes life a lot easier for the Oil Kings.
Brandon is a pretty fun team though. I see why the Portland series is on shaw, as that will be amazing, but I wish the Brandon/Edm series was on shaw as that series will be very quick paced.

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