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Originally Posted by brian70 View Post
You'd have to be quite dishonest to believe that. I've watched all games and the PP minutes Eller gets are the last 20 seconds. At the end of a game, his stats may show 1 minute of PP but it is obviously misleading. As others have mentioned, if Eller would have gotten the same opportunities Desharnais got, he couldn't have failed. In fact, no one would fail in these circumstances.

Eller has no place on that team. He had no place from the moment Therrien showed up and he, Therrien, was very clear on this. Habs don't need him. Next season, they got Desharnais, Plekanec, Briere and Galchenyuk. I don't know why Lars was nervous on trade deadline when the best thing that could happen for his career would be in fact a trade.

Of course, his value couldn't be any worse but Bergevin can only blame himself. He had offers but he chose to stay put.
The bolded part is the speculative part. That's why the arguments bandied about are useless. For those arguing we should remove Desharnais, altogether, from the equation, it's an automatic that anyone else would perform equally or better than Desharnais under the same conditions.

The problem is that, to prove the point, especially when you are replacing Desharnais with a younger player, whether Eller or, even, Galchenyuk, you would have to actually remove Desharnais from the equation and there is NO REAL GUARANTEE the result will be equal -- or better -- at this moment in time, regardless of your crystal ball hobbies.

That's precisely why, at this time, Therrien wouldn't do that, not this close to the playoffs. Of course, we should just fire Therrien for being unwilling to overhaul what is currently working just to please your fantasies involving NO DESHARNAIS in the equation…

For those arguing Desharnais is being pampered because he has the two best wingers, you are making it sound like they aren't only the two best wingers but, rather, the only two good wingers! If that's the case, this team will always be a one-line team, whomever centres those two wingers!

It's a rather bleak picture of the team that we can't ice a good 2nd line outside of Pacioretty, Desharnais and Vanek. Not every other winger is Moen. Shouldn't we be able to ice something decent in Galchenyuk-Plekanec-Gallagher?

If not, because of defensive concerns about using Plekanec with two rookies (Galchenyuk and Gallagher haven't played long enough, IMO, to be considered young veterans like Pacioretty has, for example), couldn't playing Brière with the two Gs provide offense as well? You could also bank on the EGG line again, perhaps, especially if you're so certain they would be lights out like they were for 8 games at the beginning of the season….

I'd be much more interested in reading solutions not centred around breaking up the Pacioretty-DD-Vanek line that is producing quite well and, mostly, at even strength, one of our glaring weaknesses for years now.

If that line stays together (yes, to your heart's chagrin) how would you complete the lineup effectively with what is left at your disposal?

There's a chance to prove your mettle as a future NHL coach, no?

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