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About Yourself
Name: Jay Saint G
Age: 30
Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Origin of Screen Name: Rookie (obvious) and 109 because it's the name of a German WW2 fighter plane the BF109 (one of many favorites).

Hockey Background
Years Playing: About to play in my first year (serious, parents wouldn't let me play as a kid). I did learn to skate young though. I've played 4 years of sponge hockey and want to transition this fall to hockey.
Current Team: Bezerkers, Black *****, Predators
Current League: REC
Highest Level Played: REC
Current Level: Rookie
Position: RW primarily, sometimes LW, and centre if I have to.
Type of Player: Grinder/set-up/goal scorer
Player You Emulate: Chris Letang, Mark Stuart, Jonathan Towes etc.

Current Gear
Helmet: Mission Inhaler (Red) with Avision Ahead Pro X visor (half)
Shoulders: Easton Synergy EQ50
Elbows: Bauer Supreme One.8
Shins: CCM RBZ
Gloves: VIC Crxssfire CX40
Skates: Easton X-Treme Stealth
Stick: Reebok 18K Sickick
Pants: Reebok 20K

Favorites NA
Hobbies: NA
Movies: NA
Music: NA
Food: NA
Drinks: NA
Hockey Team: Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Boston, St.Louis,
Hockey Player: Chris Letang, Mark Stuart, Jonathan Towes etc.

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