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Originally Posted by damack View Post
I'm fully willing to accept that there is an adjustment period and it's just me. This is only the second pair of skates I've owned and I re-learned to skate (after 35 years off the ice) on the first pair. So I've never experienced the change between models before.
I had the same experience. I recently switched from Supremes to Vapors and found that I basically had to learn to skate again.
I first learned to skate and played a few pick up games in Supremes. They never felt right; too wide and too long. So I gave Vapors a try and found them to be a much better fit. After a heat molding and a punch out of a few spots, they're glorious.
However, there was a learning curve for me. I had to learn how to do most of the basics over again. It took a about 3 open skate sessions to get back to where I was. However now becoming an even better skater because of having a proper fitting skate.

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