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Originally Posted by Coachtdoig View Post
Its not crazy to feel a little weird from moving from old skates to new skates especially if they are different models.

It could be several things that are throwing you off in my opinion:

1) The actual blade size on your new skates will be higher as the blade on your old skates will be worn down from numerous sharpens, that will make it feel slightly different.

2) The stiffness of the boot, a brand new skate is going to be significantly stiffer then your old boot and you might feel a little more restricted in your range of motion for the first while. That can be a factor when trying to use both sides of your edges.

3) Something rare but not crazy is the blade could be slightly bent on your new skates. So, turning one way you might feel like you are slipping or not able to get a good full push when taking strides.

the blade alignment could be slightly off. did they check that when you bought theM

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