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Originally Posted by mattkaminski15 View Post
So starting today im heading into my fifth full year of hockey. Now, im not an adult, im aged 15 right about to turn 16 (my birthday is in 23 days, but that's aside the point) and let me tell you, it has not always been fun to play hockey. I started late (about grade 7) and I barely knew how to skate, id always played ball hockey so my hands weren't that bad, I was still a total dust show, however, I was motivated to make it far. I hadn't had the money to begin earlier in my career but I didnt want to keep that from letting me chase my dream. It's definitely a lot harder for a teenager to start playing, the whole immaturity of all the kids causes them to make groups of who they like and dislike, and they do insult you, which only motivated me even more to work hard to become better and better. And over the past four years I've seen what should have been 10+ years of improvement. I am now playing midget AA hockey after only 4 years. I've had a couple coaches ask me to try out to play AAA, but no serious promises of making a team. I will be trying out either way, but thats not the point. The point is, I started late, and I wasn't as good as everyone else, but I didnt let that stop me from enjoying the game and working to get better. As I move on farther into midget and possibly into junior B or A, I want people to use this as a reminder that it can be done if you want it bad enough.
This is awesome!! A few years ago my wife and I were at major junior playoff game (WHL) and we ended up sitting next to the parents of a boy playing on the opposing team. They were telling us about how their son wasn't even playing hockey 4 years prior but was now on a major junior team in the WHL. So keep up the hard work because you never know where it will land you.

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