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02-07-2004, 01:51 PM
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As far as Peca's value being at an all time low, I doubt it now as he has 4g, 3a in his last 10, which is a pace of 55 pts for a season. Plus, he's been much better defensively as late.

Fact is, a team that would want him at the deadline would deal several good youngsters for Peca and put him in a position where he is best suited, 3rd line checking (more defensive than checking now) center.

Those teams would be limited, as they would have to be serious contenders plus have strong prospects.

If Adam Oates can fetch what he did and Matthieu Schneider fetches what LA got in return Peca would surely get the same or more.

Regardless, he's not going anywhere.

The Mtl/Peca proposal was fair, but as mentioned throughout the thread it really doesn't make sense for either team. That is unless the Isles finish the way they did post-break last year and the Habs suddenly become the #1 seed in the East.

I don't know why Brewer gets mentioned as someone the Isles would even want to trade for. Doesn't make sense, MM is still the GM of the team and he lambasted Brewer several times and almost ruined him. If I was Brewer, I would refuse to report if traded to a Milbury gm'ed team. MM could spend a billion dollars on 1-800-Flowers but I'd still smell the ass a mile away.

Niinimaa for Smith? Isn't Smith a UFA this year? If so, no thanks, not worth it at all.

"For the millionth time. No you can't have Komisarek for an expensive soon to be UFA. If you're going to ask for someone, ask something that the team might actualy be willing to give up."

As I agree with your proposal and that Komisarek wouldn't be included, that would be the starting point for a deal proposed by MM. The poster didn't say it was his idea, but it is what MM would look for, for two reasons....Komisarek the player and Komisarek the LI native. That's the only positive spin of PR that MM could get for so quickly giving up on Niinimaa and the prospect he gave up to get Janne.

Guess he could ask for Chris Higgins, that another LI native.

Off into Bizarro world I could see MM trading Hamrlik at the deadline to a team in our conference that looks lottery bound in the off-chance of getting Ovechkin. Of course that team would finish 9th and then Milbury would trade Nilsson, Hunter, Peca, Niinimaa and the 9th overall for Ovechkin and present him with a ladder contract that starts a 3 mill (easy bonuses), escalates up to 12 mill and then down again as he is signed for 50 years.

Hey, he may be a better gm now but he is still definitely crazy.

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