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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Why don't you do this for:

Have someone take pictures of your feet in a seated position with your knees at 90 degrees or so. Have a little bit of weight on your feet (could be done if you sit on a lower surface for example). Take picture from the 4 sides, top-down of the fore/mid foot and of the heel and back of the heel. Host them on something like Photobucket and link here.
I was hoping you could do the same for me! I own a pair of Easton EQ30 6.5 D skates for the last two years. I play 2x a week and closing in on mediacracy... I play with some really good people in pickup skates and when the puck hits my toe-box it hurts pretty bad. I weigh 150 lb.

I think they fit pretty good.
My heel fits really well but there is a tiny bit of slippage. It seems really wide around the ankle but I dont know if that's intentional. Lastly my toes feel like they have a ton of rppm which may or may not be a problem.

I'm looking to spend up to $500. It's a present I'm receiving from about 6-7 family members.

Pics coming!

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