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2014 Playoffs Avatar : Requests

For inspiration and to know what's out there, visit the 2014 Playoffs avatar gallery.

Avatar theme structure

This year edition of our playoffs avatar theme goes like this...

Opening slide (the same for everyone)

1-2 customizable slide(s) (could be any combination of a image-only slide, text-only and image+text slide)

One of 2 closing slides (Default is "Eh?", can be replace by subbatroll)

Examples :

Avatar request instructions

1. Custom slide(s) (max. 2)

Describe your slide(s) in order. Ex.:
1st slide : (Text-only) "I SHOW YA WHO WEARS DA PANTS"

2nd slide :
IMPORTANT : You need to provide every picture and text necessary with your request. A description of a picture is not a picture. If necessary ask someone you trust to help you with the Internet

2. Ending slide

Specify if you want the "Eh?" or the subbatroll ending slide.

3. Specify avatar size

-150x150 for sponsors and mods
-125x125 for everyday normal guy


How to : get my avatar faster
Please be patient. Follow above instructions. No PM. I'm going to work on your avys every night form 21h00 to 23h00ish. Yeah that's it, 2 kids, no sex life.

How to : do my own avatar or help with the avatar production (photoshop and basic skill required).

Download the PSD files and install the fonts below.

Canada's team PSD file
Canada's team + subbatroll PSD file

Main theme Font: League Gothic
Font used for "Eh?": Rock Salt

Savings/uploading tips
  • Save for web and devices (Format: gif; Looping options: forever; Specify size: 150x150 or 125x125). *** adjust Lossy until the file is smaller than 20k or 50k for sponsors (see image below). You can also drop the dither to 0% and colors to 128 or 64, whatever looks best.
  • Upload the avatar using IMGUR or similar website.

Tips for text slides

For the text only slide, I recommend using all the character options in photoshops to make sure the text fills out the slide with equal distance between each line and between the words and the frame. Its require a bit of pratice but the end results is quite neat.

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