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04-03-2014, 07:32 AM
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I can't help but shake my head every time people complain about a non-call in beer league hockey, as if it really matters, and are so quiet when the call doesn't go against them. My game yesterday, the other team scored a goal early where one post was off but we didn't say anything because the post being off made no influence on the play as they scored on the far post. Later on, we scored a goal where one post was off and we scored on the opposite post and they're all complaining to the ref that it shouldn't have counted.

Originally Posted by Cigar City View Post
I've been looking for this thread for sooooo long.

Other team ties game on a deflection with 12 seconds left. Game goes to shootout.

"Captain" chooses the three players with the least amount of skill on the team. Lose 1-0. Ughhh...
I don't know, it's just beer league and regular season doesn't matter (unless it was playoffs.) I'd be fine with giving some lesser players a chance. I haven't been a part of a shootout for a while, oddly enough they're still in the rules, I just very, very rarely am a part of ties. When I was captain a couple years ago, one of the guy's son (who's father wasn't even on our team or the team we were playing against) was like 18 or 19, was only playing during his summer break and was the first time he ever got to play in the same league as his father, I threw him out there because he was a good kid and to let him be a part of the action. He has gotten very good, very quickly, but he wasn't that good when he first started, he was probably average or slightly below average.

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