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04-03-2014, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jackson Ranger View Post
How was it more painful if McD barely got off the ice holding his arm while Burrowes was fine?

Girardi's response in my book was fine. He gave him a good shot and then they had a scrum. But I don't think you can compare the Burrowes hit to the shot G gave him.
You're right, saying it was more painful was poor wording. McD's arm got stuck awkwardly between two players and the wall from what I can tell. G straight threw an elbow at the back of Burrows' head. There was no other player, no involvement from the playing area itself, just one guy purposely throwing his elbow at another. Like I said, I don't hold it against G, the dude was pissed, and he hit Burrows in the helmet, didn't seem to leave much damage. What I meant was that G's move also had a good deal of potential to hurt somebody.

Anyway, I agree that his response was fine. If G dropped the gloves, there's a good chance that the Rangers start tonight's game without an entire first pair. That's lunacy and it's absolutely not worth it to "send a message" in a way that hasn't been effective in more than a decade. He gave Burrows a good wack, and he skated off the ice a winner while Burrows skated off a loser who's team isn't going to make the playoffs and who's coach is almost certainly going to fired because of that entire team's poor performance, Burrows' included. Take the big win and move on IMO.

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