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04-03-2014, 01:53 PM
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I got absolutely blasted on a dirty hit from behind in a no check league last night.

I was playing RD, and one of our wingers was gaining their blue line, so I was at about center ice, and this big lug who was lagging behind literally mugged me from behind with a cross check. I am not a small guy(6'2" and around 210) and he buried me. I didn't see it coming, it was 100% unprovoked, and I really feel I could have been really hurt on the play. As it is, my right wrist, and right hip are in a lot of pain today, and I have a fairly high pain tolerance.

Whats the ettiquette on reacting to that? None of my teammates on the ice saw the play, most of the bench did. To be honest, I am pretty much the most laid back person in the world- and I went beserk. I went right after him, and three of his teammates got inbetween us, before my guys came over. I hadn't had even penalty in 20 games prior. I got a minor for roughing, as did he.

We play them next week. Obviously, winning the game is paramount, as is having a good time. There is part of me that just really wants to lay into this guy. Thats wrong, right? My teammates were all fine with how I reacted, and we have had a couple run ins with that guy, and a couple guys on that particular team. I would really like to just line him up and use his forward force to just send him *** over tea kettle. However part of me knows its wrong, and I shoudl just move on.
However, it was pretty much the dirtiest play we had seen in a beer league game to this point. As I said, it was entirely unprovoked.

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