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04-03-2014, 02:54 PM
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Purchased Jonah Keri's book, half way thru or so. Excellent book, lot of information. I recommend it to every fan of baseball not just Expos fans. Book bought back a lot of fond memories. Don't think there was any better place for a kid to grow better than Montreal in late-70s. Habs were playing off the chart good hockey. Expos were coming on, Carter and Rogers what a duo. Book brings back memories of those sunny days playing ball in local lot. Van Horne, Duke Snider, watching Mel Allen's this week in baseball every week, still remember show starting with Ozzie Smith running onto field doing a flip.

Never knew we were that close to landing Reggie Jackson. Coming across the border to tour the city he got caught with coke and it pissed him off to point of signing with Yankees. Imagine those teams of late 70s-early 80s if that didn't happened? The Rogers/Williams feud I never knew of. Williams was sob, team wanted to win in '81 so bad, after he left just to stick it do him. Ellis Valentine the most talented of all Expos but too lazy to enhance his skills. Never knew he was an alcoholic and drug addict, showed up to a game in LA loaded. Expos almost traded him in 1979 because of this. Bought in LeFlore instead, who had fixed his life. Thinking he could help Valentine, only it backfired. As Valentine got him back into coke and heavy drinking. Dawson on other hand was exact opposite. Hard worker, went thru terrible pain with bad knees. Olympic Stadium the political back-scratching involved while building it.

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