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Originally Posted by Bird Law View Post
He also doesn't have a "lack of arm strength." His arm strength is above average. It's not amazing, but his accuracy in the short and medium range passes more than makes up for it. His accuracy is ABSURD.
His arm strength is exactly what I would describe as average. Comparable to Matty Ice. His accuracy is comparable to Bradford coming out.

Funnily enough, most QBs "struggle in the cold and wind." Eli Manning has always struggled with wind and he won two Super Bowls.
Eli Manning has excellent arm strength. And he plays better in the cold and wind than most QBs.

Peyton struggled as well and he's won one.
Peyton also played in a dome almost his entire career. Peyton back before his neck injury was in the argument for strongest arm in the league.

Oh, and size concerns are overblown. He lost weight due to an injury. Should have zero issue putting it back on.
Sort of ironic, saying size concerns are overblown while also talking about an injury in the same sentence. Size and durability concerns are very real.

I'd take Bortles over Bridgewater, but the "scouts" didn't have Bortles rated near the top at all until the end of the season. Funny how the whims of the "scouts" change quite often. Bortles was thought of as a 2nd or 3rd round pick most of the year.
The whims of scouts?

You let me know which scout was telling you that Bortles was a 2nd or 3rd round pick most of the year.

because there wasent any. The media had him ranked as a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Whenever the media massively changes their opinions this time of year, its because they are catching up to what scouts already know.

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