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04-03-2014, 06:21 PM
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I think AV is a very smart coach, and one that is on top of his matchups while playing the game at high speed.

My appreciation of him really came to the forefront during the games against DET when the Rangers went into the 1-4 to counter transition DET's style of hockey. He outcoached Babcock in those games and did so by making adjustments.

The team is far more dynamic than before, and when they are on, they are rolling. A really smart coach when it comes to distributing minutes.

However I was thinking that there are few teams that his system can't go up against until late in the season when I started seeing better end zone coverage, and guys not always chasing or pressuring. This shows me that he has the team adjusting to the competition, which wasn't the case earlier this year.

My concerns about him are that he isn't inclined to play young players or live with their mistakes, and all of the grinder type of players are playing 4th line or minor league minutes.

I love the fact that he is getting a lot more mileage from guys like Pouliot and Stralman than I would have ever expected. To me the east is for the taking as long as the Rangers don't face Boston, or get too worn out in a long Philly series... and this is something that I wouldn't have said even a month ago.

The adjustments he's made, and how he's coached is more dynamic than what we saw with Torts.

However there have been too many games where the Rangers played down to the competition, games against, EDM, Carolina, and the early season woes, and the lack of energy starting home games are the only motivational shortcomings with AV.

Also I sense a distinct French player bias with him, and this might rub some guys the wrong way. All in all he's a done a great job of turning the ship around after a disastrous start.

Now someone get Winnie Cooper in this thread before it gets locked.

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