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02-27-2007, 09:09 AM
Change is good.
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Pure and simple, the future of this team is not Jaromir Jagr. The seeds are starting to grow - all you have to do is look at HFDs amazing run since the holidays to see it - but they will not be able to bloom so long as Jags and his entorage dominate the playing time at the big club. We no longer need the placeholders.

There are some vets who were brought in to be part of the Jaromir contingent and some that were brought in to mentor the kids - only thing is, with both groups in place there isn't that much room for the kids. So...

1) If you CAN do it, you move him and Nylander and Malik and perhaps one or two more and then call up kids for the rest of the season. Get some nice prospects and picks, pick high in the draft and then Re-sign Shanny, go after say a Drury (all concussed first line) as team leaders and the youth movement is under full swing in summer 2007.

2) If you can't, well, you keep truckin' along as is and then need to look at making room in the offseason.

3) Or <gulp> start trading young assets for more pieces to put around Jags - which would be EXTREMELY shortsighted, but is the sort of thing this team would've done in 2002. Let's hope they don't revert to bad habits.

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