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Originally Posted by Stats01 View Post
What are you talking about? the Jays averaged 31,315 last season..they were in the top 15. Yeah paid attendance and the actual number of people there can be different, but in the Jays case we rely on walk ups. So the numbers are quite accurate. When was the last time you were in Toronto and saw a Jays game. Did you go to one last year or are you just spouting off on baseless conjecture.

Take it the way you wish, but I don't think the numbers are inflated at all. The Jays did very well at the gate last season, I was there on multiple occasions and there was a nice buzz every time I went. And also you could tell from watching on tv...But hey if you believe the numbers are inflated then go right ahead
Easy there big fella, yes I was at a game that might have had 10K in attendance, and they said it was 21K so that's where my comment comes from...that being said, I was also down at Fenway and the place was so full you couldn't get another person Fenway was 10X the experience.
Now, the Jays on TV, the barn always looks empty, always, other than opening day...the Skydome is way too big, the days of the Jays drawing 45-50K are 20 yrs the avg paid attendance of 31K is one thing, they definitely don't have 31K in the building to watch the game, most nights.

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