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04-04-2014, 09:57 AM
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I'm driving down from Columbus for the Bruce Springsteen concert at Bridgestone in a couple of weeks. (Long story, but couldn't make my schedule work for the show here in town...)

Anyway, my plan is to get downtown by early afternoon (staying at the Convention Center hotel) and go to the Johnny Cash museum. Anywhere else within walking distance of the Arena/Convention Center that you'd recommend as being particularly worth checking out?

I saw some recommendations of Demo's as a good place to eat and their menu looks good, but if there's somewhere more quintessentially Nashville to grab a not-TOO-expensive dinner, I'm open to suggestions on that as well.

Thanks and feel free to hit me up for suggestions if you're ever up in Columbus. (Granted, one of my longtime local suggestions, Jeni's Ice Cream, has "invaded" Nashville, but I still have a few "tricks" up my sleeve...)

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