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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
call me gullible, but i refuse to think that therrien just decided on a whim, to change the system - a system that was very successful in the regular season last year. what i think happened in regards to the system change, is that he noticed that what we had last year was not a system that could be successful in the playoffs with all the extra interference, hooking and every other thing that's no longer called in the playoffs, so he changed to a system which he felt could be more successful. like i said, call me gullible, or just too nice a person, but i refuse to believe this change in system is a simple accident. at any rate, im giving him the benefit of the doubt for this coming playoffs
There is a style of hockey I think the French call it imprevisible.
That we ain't...
A little variation might help. I find MT has a very unidimensional coaching style.
I seriously thought the PP was going to improve with the advent of some down low play.
Alas no we seem to be able to create some space but the D keeps putting it back to the half boards.
Or worse trying that miss the net on purpose play.
Still a work in progress one can only assume.

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