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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Blue Jays are going to get a huge tv contract, in near future. I think that is why they bumped payroll to 130 million. They are Canada wide and do own Sportsnet. Similar to the NESN or YES networks. Maybe not that big, but big enough they could carry a 150 million dollar comfortably. I would compare it to Phillies expected new tv package. For whatever reasons, baseball fans will pay to watch baseball in their own living room opposed to going to the game.
The Jays will never get a big tv contract as long as Rogers stays the owner. Why would they sell their tv rights when they can show them and advertise all their products for free. They make millions of dollars off owning the team. People seem to think that Rogers is losing money with owning the team...sure the actual team and the gate revenue may not be as high as Rogers wants but when you're a media empire and you can advertise all your products for free on all your stations and airwaves on all the media platforms you own why in the world would you sell that?

Another point I want to make Rogers are actually the richest owners in baseball. If they sold their tv rights to another add the multi-multi millions of dollars from that tv contract add in the 3-4 billion dollars that Rogers is worth and they bypass the Steinbrenners (Yankees) and Magic Johnson and co. (Dodgers) as the richest owners in baseball. Rogers could easily support a 150-million dollar payroll but they treat everything like a business. Budgets are a part of everything. Beeston said in a recent article that if revenues go up then payroll will go up. Right now I think they're spending over 130-million on payroll, it's chump change for them.

The numbers are skewed a bit because you don't get a fair number or an accurate number on what the tv rights are worth for the Jays because Rogers pays almost nothing for them. The value of the franchise would skyrocket if Rogers ever sold the tv rights but like I pointed out they'd never do it.

Imagine how much money Rogers was making when they had a payroll of under 70 million dollars only 4-5 years's mind boggling how long Rogers cheaped out on the team. They treated the Jays like garbage and they used them like a dirty *****. They gained profits like you wouldn't believe. They bought Rogers Centre for like 25-million 10 cents on the dollar. They got away with a lot. It's nice to see over the past 2 years they finally pumped the pay-roll up where it should be always. There is no excuse for Rogers to treat this team like the TB Rays and barely have a pay-roll that resembles a minor league team like they did for so long.

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