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Originally Posted by Sports1131 View Post
I just ordered a copy so I'm glad to hear that. I used to post on the same message board as the author (FanHome/Scout) so there's no way I can pass this up.
What was his name on there? I use to post there also.

I'm down to last 2 chapters....a few tidbits most probably didn't know:

- Bronfman wanted Carter traded as team starting to lose big money. Was also pissed at Carter for going 0/8 in a must win September doubleheader.

- Floyd Youmans like Ellis Valentine...most talent waste you could ever imagine. Wouldn't train, didn't keep himself in shape. Another alcholic and coke head.

- Murray Cook was fired as he had an affair with CEO Brochu's wife.

- Bronfman ordered ill-fated Randy Johnson for Langston trade. He knew it would be bad for team in long run but wanted to raise attendance and revenue as he preparing to sell the Expos.

- Bronfman did however refuse to sell to Miami group for 130 million, they wanted to move the team. Instead sold for 100 million to consortium group to keep team in Montreal.

- Bell chipped in 5 million but told group never to come back again.

- Expos got unexpected break when they hired Kevin Kennedy as bench coach. He was former LA top farm team manager. Put the Expos onto Pedro Martinez, John Wettleland, Oh Henry and Darrin Fletcher. As he managed them in minors and several years against Fletcher, knew they were going to be good major leaguers.(Now I know why DD looked so good as our GM but not in Boston)

- By late '90s Montreal had been financially decimated by separatist movement.

- At the end of it consortium group turned on Brochu and voted him out.

- Loria bought 24% stake in team for 12 million (USA). Handed out inflated contracts to mediocre players like Grame Lloyd or Lee Stevens. Thus increasing costs and asked for cash calls. Consortium lost shares of team when unable to answer. By end of 2001, Loria owned 94%. Many feel this was done on purpose by Selig and Loria. To be able to get team out of Montreal. As Selig played major role in franchise swap between Marlins and Expos.

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