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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
Not really. Gionta brings a lot to the table and has been able to suceed in a way DD never has (and most likely never will) despite his size.
That doesn't change the fact Gionta gets a lot of ****.

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
I guess you don't watch the games including the playoffs last year. What on earth does injury have to do with being physically neutralized?
Ah yes, the playoffs where we lost by a combined score of 20-9. The playoffs where DD was on the ice for only 1 of those 20 goals. The same playoffs where his winger played injured?

Granted, the playoffs where he made 1 point as well. Hard to produce when wingers are injured and not to mention guy clearly managed in the D zone. So do you prefer he assisted on 3-4 goals and was on the ice for 8?

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
Size and physicality is a dynamic that does not seem to get any attention on this board. If DD was bigger and stronger he wouldn't be more talented, but he may be more effective.
Obviously but the degree many suggest is laughable.

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
It's poor. It may be acceptable to you, but it's poor. We see it when he's up against anyone. Not a big deal since there are other Habs players who are poor in their own zone...especially in the dirty areas.
Re-read what you quoted. He's played vs top players and did alright.

The way I see it is 5 on 5 if DD's defensive game is poor, Lars' is acceptable-good. If DD's is acceptable, Lars is very good. You choose.

It's pretty interested how DD is sheltered but when he's on the road and cannot be he's actually got 32 points in 40 games and leads entire team in road points. Strange wouldn't you say?

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
It is pretty doom and gloom when the team revolves around him. It's pretty doom and gloom when more gifted centermen are playing on the 3rd and 4th lines to benefit him. If the Habs lose in the 1st round and DD is a no-show again...yea, it will be doom and gloom. Pacioretty has to show up and so do Markov and a few other players. But DD especially needs to show up.
I believe your mind revolves around him, not the team. Our 3rd and 4th line centers are usually Eller and White. I'm not sure which you think is more talented. Not long ago in this post you suggested size and strength is a big advantage. If Eller is more talented and has this big advantage too why can't he manage vs 2nd lines?

It seems you're more upset Eller isn't playing top C because he's not as talented offensively. You need to move on. Eller is a very streaky player and he fooled a lot of you.

If someone says DD is a 1st line center I'd same the same. Don't let points fool you! He's a 2nd liner who is filling in the role to maximize team performance.

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
The truth is without Max, there is no DD. The proof is in the pudding. If we're going to treat DD and Max like the Sedins, then please lets move them both. That strategy never works.
Where's the proof? There's more evidence to suggest without a good winger there is no Eller than DD and max because they rarely ever play apart. Still, no one says it about Eller, so saying it about DD with a much smaller sample size is completely off.

You can't just assume something is a fact. You do that pretty often when it is indeed not a fact.

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