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Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
I remember when Subban more or less outplayed Chara both defensively and offensively a few years back in the playoffs in that seven game series versus Boston. I'm not gonna fall for the "What have you done for me lately?" line of thinking that HF is so fond of.

Also, Adriatic has always had an axe to grind when it comes to Subban. I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously.
I'm also amazed at the selective nature of posters' memory. The problem with Subban ISN'T that he's a defensive sieve. The problem is that he ALLOWS himself to be an offensive sieve too often.

In the Halak playoff series, a young PK was awesome defensively and much less of a ham, offensively, than he sometimes becomes. Back then, in the O-zone, he found a way to get the puck on net and create offensive chances during the playoffs, often with the wrist shot rather than the snapshot.

It didn't reduce the level of effectiveness offensively but, surely helped prevent unexpected and costly turnovers.

Even this season, there are three or four games, even, where Subban took control of the game and was a big part of the win, both offensively and defensively -- At the same time! He inspired his team to win and wasn't a cause of concern as a scapegoat for a potential loss!

The most frustrating part about Subban's play is that he has already shown us the high end level he can play at, both offensively and defensively, at the same time, games where he is a dominant force offensively without taking high risk, low reward chances to be dominant. In those games, he's also a force, defensively.

There's no reason Subban can't play like this more consistently. It's not like he's riding up a learning curve where he hasn't reached that level yet and might in the future, with nobody knowing for sure if he will.

There seems to be a switch in his head that needs to be flicked to a certain position for that to happen and, ultimately, it's up to Subban to make that happen. I'm sure there's enough people centred around the team that are explaining this to him, over and over againů.

Let's hope he takes these playoffs as the right time to show he understands this. That'll confirm the status of his next contract along the way.

I hope the best for Subban because, at the same time, it will be the best for THE TEAM!

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