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Originally Posted by Varlan View Post
LOL what? That's one of the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long while. Way to hear what you want to hear. people don't care if he's french or not, they just want to be able to hire the best possible coach available. It's clearly you who cares if he's anglo though.
Nothing more over-blown than that Anglo coach B.S.
Alou and Tressman were both Francophones
There is not one hockey affectionado that i know of particularly Habs Fan who give a damn...
We just want to win. If it takes Scotty if it takes Toe so be it.
Hockey being what it is in our Glorious City we only ask that a candidate be familiar with and respectful of our distinct natures, and yes I'm referring to all Quebeckers.
No one would bat an eye at Babcock. (hockey fan that is)

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