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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
When I read some of the posts here it just blows my mind. Reminds me of the folks saying we should get rid of Max earlier this year and those who said we should dump Price when the team tanked last year.

Folks, you need perspective. This guy is arguably the best blueliner in the league. Period. Full stop. This guy is more complete than anyone else.

For you guys to sit there and not be able to see how good this guy is - is just... shocking. And if this guy does somehow get dealt, you will see how wrong you are. You remind me of the fans who screamed we should get rid of Roy (and there were many of them) just before he won his second cup here. The whole 'what have you done lately for me' mentality is a total joke.

I'm bookmarking this thread and I'm going to revisit it in another year or so and laugh my ass off at the ridiculous posts I'm reading here. Hell, I'm laughing at them now.

Subban deserves a hell of a lot more than 8. Not only because he's well worth that contract but because we lowballed the **** out of him last time. You think he's the equivalent of Letang?

Seriously man... what is wrong with you?

Why? Subban is 24 years old and already has better numbers on worse teams and has the potential to get much better than he's been. Last year he was easily the best in the league and he was even better at the start of this year... Its not his fault that our idiot coach is pairing him with Bouillion and Murray. Get a new coach and you'll get more bang for your buck.

Love Shea Weber and he does things that few other blueliners can. But he's four years older and Subban's still on the way up. He also took a contract that was much less than what he was worth last time to stay with us. Makes zero sense not to keep him.
Please, go ahead bookmark it...

I, unlike many posters here, am not afraid to say I was wrong... and unlike other posters I can be critical of players because I'm not in love with any of them.

Subban is arguably the most talented Defenceman in the league, but you're mistaking talent with results.

Subby-doo is exciting and when he's on, so important and a real game changer. But elite players don't get benched, don't make mental mistakes over and over again... and don't bring the discriminatory card about his use... he had a very poor season, yet he's still top in the league in offensive categories which tells a lot about his skills.

But, he's not playing up to his talent and that's why he doesn't deserve to be the most paid defenceman (espacially that he isn't UFA). Leave your rose-colored glasses home and be a little more critical for the greater good of the team. We just can't commit to that type of deal (8mil+) for a player who plays when he decides to... like Ovechkin.

As for Weber... Why ? Because he's better and signed to a 7,8mil cap hit deal... that's why.

... oh and for future references : elite player make their teammates better. Markov does... don't play the "Bouillon card" espacially that's he's been paired a lot more with Georges and Markov than Bouillon.

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