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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
Please, go ahead bookmark it...

I, unlike many posters here, am not afraid to say I was wrong... and unlike other posters I can be critical of players because I'm not in love with any of them.

Subban is arguably the most talented Defenceman in the league, but you're mistaking talent with results.

Subby-doo is exciting and when he's on, so important and a real game changer. But elite players don't get benched, don't make mental mistakes over and over again... and don't bring the discriminatory card about his use... he had a very poor season, yet he's still top in the league in offensive categories which tells a lot about his skills.

But, he's not playing up to his talent and that's why he doesn't deserve to be the most paid defenceman (espacially that he isn't UFA). Leave your rose-colored glasses home and be a little more critical for the greater good of the team. We just can't commit to that type of deal (8mil+) for a player who plays when he decides to... like Ovechkin.

As for Weber... Why ? Because he's better and signed to a 7,8mil cap hit deal... that's why.

... oh and for future references : elite player make their teammates better. Markov does... don't play the "Bouillon card" espacially that's he's been paired a lot more with Georges and Markov than Bouillon.
so much about this post is flat out wrong...

"elite players don't get benched"
A- Not true
B- Subban regularly gets benched for mistakes FAR less costly to the team than mistakes made by several other, lesser, players... who face no consequences.
His benching is a reflection of MT's biased approach to dealing with him than anything else. If anything, the professional & mature way PK has responded to this unfair treatment is further reflection of why he IS worth the massive payday, as opposed to the opposite.

"elite players don't make mental mistakes"

That statement is pure fail. If anything elite players are elite precisely because of their high tolerance for dealing with mistakes & continuing to push at a level that inevitably causes mistakes... players who are too scared & too weak minded to have the balls to play on the edge of their talent, do not make it to the 'elite" level.

and then to insinuate that Subban doesn't make his teammates better?

are you serious?

Gorges owes his long-term pay day to the positive impact playing with Subban had on his game. Gill got himself a new contract (and actually got us trade return at the deadline prior to that) thanks largely to the impact of playing with Subban... it's not for nothing that once he went to Nashville, he barely lasted a season before retiring. His play had declined far more than was evident, thanks to how much playing with Subban helped hide that.

Bouillion is clearly a 7th dman, one step away from being out of the league... he is exposed far worse whenever he's on the ice without Subban.

It's amazing that you are actually watchinng the same games as I am, and yet see something so completely different.

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