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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
PK is a lot more high risk on offense, with the puck than he is defensively.

Most offensive d-men are high risk with the puck, some more than others. PK isn't great defensively but but he is above average in terms of overall NHL.
Very reasonable assessment of PK....something that doesn't happen here enough. The people that believe PK is the best d-man in the league have a very active imagination that thankful make me laugh....most of the time.

In all there arguments they assume so much, ex: you don't watch the listen to TSN or CBC...that there knowledge of hockey is superior some how because they have shot off there mouth with 5 zillion post....

For one thing I live in Lima Peru and don't watch either CBC or TSN. I watch all my games on Game Center. So I need to explain... all the CBC and TSN games you don't see the intermission or even commercials for some reason, there always black out....which does not bother me because I watch other games during the habs intermission.

I also like to watch the other teams broadcasters that are playing the habs...they have more consistent example of the good and the bad of how the habs play....and with all these 29 other broadcasters teams it might come to a surprise for all the illusion PK fantasy fans... that they never mentions that PK is the best d-man in the league....a great defensive player....a good shutdown defenseman.......

What they do say is he's one of the most exciting players to watch in the league today....that his offensive game is one of the best in the league...that many Habs fans are crazy in love with PK which cause a lot of useless controversy in the media....that last statement came as a great shock to me

Anyways believe what ever you want.......the most important thing is were all Habs fans

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