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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Weaver has always been very underrated by both the media and fans but considering that neither one of these groups have the slightest clue what they are talking isn't very surprising.

Most of the people who didn't like the Weaver trade didn't like the Weise trade as well. They were so sure of themselves and they had their advanced stats to prove it lol.
Didn't take spreadsheets to see both of those players' weakness before the trades, and they have the same weaknesses now, btw. But at this point it's like complaining about how Murray lacks skill as an individual, because the machine still works really well with(/despite) those parts installed. No one ever questioned how a 2nd pairing defenseman in his early/mid 30s became a $1 million defenseman just last year, or why Weise has only played just over half as many NHL games as Eller, despite being a year older? It's certainly not due to lack of short-comings between them.

Let's all be happy that the "fitting in" percentage has been so high with these moves, and that injuries gave an opportunity for guys like this to actually prove useful, because not all trades work despite looking great on paper or sounding great in an interview, and not all "insurance policies" get the chance for long stretches of play. Let's not summarily dismiss opinions simply because "nothing matters as long as we're winning", or argue that the results of the team automatically dismiss all criticism at the individual level, though. That's just being a lazy fan boy.

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