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04-05-2014, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by fetalposition View Post
trading away anyone with a hint of value instead of keeping some around to help the younger players develop.Some are a no brainer because of them not resigning or just getting to good of a deal (vanek). but some like ehrhoff you could argue wouldnt be worth dealing because it would be more worthwhile to keep them around to help the kids develop. If you dont think they are tanking compared to say...the flames then i dont know what to tell you
Ehrhoff hasn't been traded.Moulson,Vanek,Ott and Miller have this year and that's because all were impending UFA's and were not going to re-sign.Oh, you also want to know what we got in return for trading those 4?

Vanek-Matt Moulson,NYI 2014/2015 1st,NYI 2015 2nd
Miller & Ott-Halak,Chris Stewart,2015 1st,conditional 2014 1st,Carrier
Moulson-2014 WPG 2nd,2016 MIN 2nd

So at the end of the day,we turned Vanek,Miller and Ott into

NYI 2014/2015 1st
STL 2015 1st
STL 2014 1st (conditional,will be this or a 2015 3rd)
NYI 2015 2nd
WPG 2014 2nd
MIN 2016 2nd
William Carrier
Chris Stewart
Michael Neuvirth (traded Halak+3rd for him)

So we ended up getting 2 guaranteed 1st rounders,a conditional 1st/3rd rouder,3 2nd rounders,a 26 year old 25 goal scorer in Chris Stewart,a 26 year old mid end #1 goalie in Neuvirth and a recent 2nd round prospect in Carrier.I would say the return we got was a lot better then any "development" Ott,Miller or Vanek would have taught for the last 20 games of this season.

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