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Originally Posted by TherapyforGlencross View Post
That's not what I meant. The last one could help me but I think I'll get squashed into the boards by the pinching defenseman.

What I mean is that the defensemen will throw it along the boards so hard that the puck will either a) go over my stick or b) I cannot reach the boards in time.
for case a)
Get your centre man to "chase" the puck along the inside lane so that if you need to move your body in front of the puck to stop it and thus have a Dman pinching to catch you flat-footed you can throw a 4 foot pass back to him cutting up the ice with speed.

for case b)
Get your far winger to cut through the middle of the ice as soon as your defense fires the puck. If you cannot make it in time to cause scenario (a) head straight towards the D-man who will be looking to pick the puck up off the boards. With your far side winger likely to be the first person to the area 10-feet behind the opposing D-man your goal is just to force him to miss the puck whether that's by getting a stick on it and chipping it past him or applying pressure forcing him to shoot it back into your shin-pads (or to your centre who should be right behind you in support).

other part of b is get your defense to shoot the puck off the glass where it will bounce back out in front of your far side winger streaking up the middle instead of playing it(mod edit) it around the boards.

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