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02-27-2007, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post

I had to leave for work at 2:30, and I heard on TSN that the Rangers dealt Dupuis to Atlanta for a prospect, but thought nothing of it. Figured it'd be a B-level prospect at best. I couldn't believe my eyes just now when I got home and saw it was for Alex Bourret!

To be honest I have not followed his progress since he's been drafted, but he was one player I was VERY high on prior to the 2005 draft. If we had stayed at 16th overall and not traded up with Atlanta, he's a guy I think we would have drafted. It's kind of ironic that we end up with him only two years later.

I understand Waddell being desperate about making the playoffs, but I don't see how the addition of Dupuis is going to help them a great deal. I think gutting the farm for Zhitnik and Tkachuk was enough. They gave up a top prospect in Braydon Coburn for Zhitnik and a ton of high draft picks for Tkachuck...was it really necessary to give up another top prospect for Dupuis and a pick?

Atlanta's farm went from being very strong to very bare. If they win the Cup, that's great, but right now they look foolish.
With all due respect - because I don't want to troll or be considered a troll. But Atlanta's cupboard is hardly bare. They traded down twice in that draft accumulating two extra picks before taking Bourret. Those two picks were turned into Pavelec and Denny, both of whom have passed Bourret as prospects. Bourret was regularly benched at the AHL level. Coburn may turn out great, but they are deep in D prospects with Lewis, Valabik, Denny, Zubarev and Enstrom (the latter two are both projected to cross the pond next year.) I'll agree that the Thrashers are not deep at forward prospects, but that's no reason to hang on to a kid with weight and work-ethic issues who can't stay in an AHL line-up. His stock had fallen sharply this year and Atlanta was cutting their losses. If the Rangers can turn him around, good for them and him.

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