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Defensive Zone

Originally Posted by TherapyforGlencross View Post
Very true, thanks!

Thing is though, my defensemen will do this every single time so we (we meaning our line) aren't able to get a breakout going into the oppositions zone. Guess I'll just have to talk to my defensemen about it, I guess.
Not necessarily.

Basically you have to look at your defensive zone positioning and responsibilities within the team framework. Also how you read the play and opposing winger and the defenseman on the side you are playing. Pay attention to their handedness. Also vary your positioning relative to the middle of the faceoff circle and the blueline so that pinching defensemen cannot get a predictable read on you.

Finally your ability to complete a pass on your forehand and backhand should be equal. great plus along the boards since it allows you to face inwards to the middle of the rink facing possible traffic and recognizing opportunities.

Work, practice and repeat stopping pucks driven along the boards. They wobble more than the usual pass so the experience aspect is important. Plus boards vary from rink to rink, side to side or corner to corner so adjustments are the norm.

Good luck.

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