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04-06-2014, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by ki11joy View Post
I'm an inline player and I've only ever used two helmets: A CCM Tacks 452 from 2005, and a CCM Vector V08 from 2010. It's time for a new lid and the Mission Inhaler caught my eye. Only problem? None of the 12 local hockey shops/pro shops around me carry the Inhaler, so I can't try it on in-person to make sure it actually fits my head. My only option is to order it online blind.

My head is about 22.5 inches and 57.2 cm circumference. Looking online, it seems that a "small" in the CCM V08 fits a little bigger than a "small" Mission. The CCM is 20.8 - 23" (53 - 58.5 cm), while the Mission is 20.8" - 22.4" (53 - 57 cm). The "medium" Mission is 22" - 23.6" (56 - 60 cm). I've read that the closest comparison to a Mission Inhaler is the Bauer 5100, but even then it fits a little differently.

I just checked the side adjustment tabs on the V08 and I'm right in the middle on both sides; there are 6 "teeth" and the adjustment prongs are right at teeth 3 and 4. I haven't tried on any other brands so I can't make comparisons on fit. As you can see, I'm right on the borderline between a "small" and "medium" in the Mission and I may be stuck having to get both a small and medium and shipping one back. The one saving grace may be that my CCM is only adjusted to the middle on both sides, so I could conceivably use a small Mission. But again, that's only the front-to-back and says nothing about the side-to-side width.

I'd like to give this helmet a try, but not being able to wear it in-person means I'm going in blind. If anyone has any experience with the Mission Inhaler and with fitting helmets, I would really appreciate any and all advice.
I have the Mission inhaler helemt which I use for indoor sponge hockey, ice hockey, and summer ball hockey. By far I think this helmet should be used by the pros since it is so much cooler temperature wise than anything else I've tried and the sweatband keeps the visor dry all game.

Regarding size, I had a large Reebok 5K helmet before and I'm still using a large Mission inhaler now. The sizes will be very close more or less. I tried the Bauer 5100 helmet for a sizing guide. In your case I'd go a with medium since you can put it on it's tightest position rather than be stuck in a helmet that's uncomfortably too tight. Plus, if you're like me and you skate outdoor with a helmet in the winter, you'll have room for a touque.

Once you feel all the additional airflow in the Mission Inhaler, you'll never go back to a regular hockey helmet ever again

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